Two of NNMREC's students have been busy facilitating the open sourcing of marine renewable energy data. The purpose of this drive is to empower the field. Below, learn more about Bret Bosma's Open Data and Danny Sale's NNMREC GitHub

Open Data

Bret Bosma is entering the second half of a two-year postdoctoral fellowship provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Water Power Program. The first year of the postdoc was in Cork, Ireland where Bret worked on physical and numerical modelling of wave energy converters, including wave tank testing in Cork, Ireland and Plymouth, UK. This year Bret is involved in several projects, but his focus is on the WEC-Sim code validation project, a collaboration with Oregon State University (OSU), Sandia National Labs, and NREL, with testing at the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at OSU later this year. 

Another project Bret is working on this year is an Open Data project, aimed at providing free and open Marine and HydroKinetic (MHK) testing data to researchers and developers. The site is hosted by NNMREC and currently under development. The goal is to make publicly available MHK physical testing data. Additionally, links to other data sets, resources, and best practices will be provided. One target group are early stage researchers who may not have access to their own test data and would benefit from existing data. Look for the first data sets to be posted soon. If you have data and would like to have it posted, please fill in the form here.

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Danny Sale is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington. Recently, he has been setting up a GitHub account for NNMREC. The goal of this GitHub account is to help promote NNMREC research, and promote collaboration by providing convenient way to share models, data, and source codes.

Currently, the repository has codes related to development and validation of the Department of Energy Reference Model 1 - Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine.  There are some codes related to:

  • reference models of wind and hydrokinetic axial-flow turbines
  • hydrodynamic and structural design of composite rotor blades
  • computational fluid dynamics codes to study wake interactions from lab-scale to utility-scale power plants
We would like to invite everybody at OSU/UW/NNMREC to publish and collaborate through this GitHub. Danny is happy to provide more advice on GitHub if anyone has questions, profile linked here.
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