Project Name: Floating Power System / Oscillating Water Column HMRCHMRC

Project Contact: Bret Bosma


Classification of Device: Test Facility / Wave Energy Converter

Scope: Test Facility / Single Device

Subclassifictation of Device: PADA / Oscillating Water Column

Scale of Test: 1:25

Full Scale Power Target: ?

Name of Test Facility: National Ocean Energy Testing Facility

Classification of Test Facility: Wave Basin


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B. Bosma, W. Sheng, and F. Thiebaut, “Performance Assessment of a Floating Power System for the Galway Bay Wave Energy Test Site,” in ICOE 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014.

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Device Type: 
Device Subclass: 
Test Facility / OWC
National Ocean Energy Test Facility Cork, Ireland