Marine and Hydrokinetics Open Data Project

The goal of this page is to be a hub for the wave, tidal, river, and offshore wind communities, providing access to free and open data. The focus will be on physical test data created at international laboratories. However, many other resources will be included. Links to resource data, standards, and best practice information will also be found here. The idea is that good work is being done around the globe and a central hub for data and information related to the marine hydrokinetic industry should be collected in one place. One of our target groups is early stage researchers who may not have access to their own test data and would benefit from existing data.

Application to Submit Test Data

Resources and Best Practices


Supporting Persons

Data Table

Title Scale Device Subclass Device Type Facilitysort descending image
University of Washington Micropower Tidal Turbine 1:1 Vertical Axis Tidal Lake Washington
Floating Power System / Oscillating Water Column HMRC 1:25 Test Facility / OWC Wave National Ocean Energy Test Facility Cork, Ireland
Autonomous Wave Energy Converter (AWEC) 1:4 Point Absorber Wave O.H. Hinsdale Wave Laboratory
WEC-Sim 1:33 Floating Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter (FOSWEC) Oscillating Surge O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory FOSWEC Model
Floating Power System / Oscillating Water Column COAST 1:10 Test Facility / OWC Wave Plymouth University COAST laboratory