Educational landing page

The development of wave and offshore wind energy power sources opens up worlds of possibilities for students, who will conduct pioneering research on their way to stimulating careers. Here is some information to increase your knowledge in this fascinating field:

K-12 Educational Resources
Here you can find links to activities that fit within the state curriculum for science and engineering in middle and high school.

Wave Energy 101
Here you can find explanations for how mechanical energy from waves is transferred to electrical energy through marine hydrokinetic devices.

Here you can find information for undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research in the wave energy field. There is also information on how to best involve yourself in the wave energy academic community and reach out to professors and research faculty to further wave energy research.

Marine Listserv and Forum
Subscribe to our listserv to receive periodic updates on NNMREC's activity throughout the PNW and learn more about our one-credit seminar course, The Marine Forum, in which guest lecturers speak on a variety of contemporary topics related to marine hydrokinetic energy.