Mission & Objectives


Our mission is to facilitate commercialization of marine energy technology, inform regulatory and policy decisions, and close key gaps in scientific understanding with a focus on student growth and development.

We work closely with a variety of stakeholders, including marine energy device developers, community members, ocean users, federal and state regulators, and government officials to conduct research on wave, tidal, in-river energy, and off-shore wind technologies.


  • Optimize individual marine energy devices and arrays to increase their energy capture, improve their reliability, and decrease their cost of energy
  • Evaluate potential environmental, ecosystem, and human dimension interactions with and effects of marine energy technologies
  • Facilitate and conduct research to inform adaptive management of marine energy technologies
  • Improve forecasting, characterization, and assessment of marine energy resources
  • Through the Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC), develop integrated, standardized facilities to serve U.S. and international developers of wave, tidal, and in-river energy devices