Master's Student Neal McMillin (Marine Affairs) presented a "lightning talk" at the UW Research Commons Scholars’ Studio Water edition

In his lightning talk, Neal focused on Scotland’s efforts to develop into the global hub for marine energy. As an undergraduate at the University of Mississippi, Neal received a scholarship to backpack through Scotland to investigate the socioeconomics of the emerging marine energy sector for his honors thesis. He shared the findings from his trip in the lightning talk. In particular, Neal compared the experiences with wave and tidal energy in the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands. He argued that developing marine energy in remote island locations can be achieved, but only with the proper infrastructure and institutional support in place. As a member of NNMREC-affiliated faculty Kiki Jenkins research team at UW, Neal is expanding upon this travel to examine how testing centers can advance the tidal energy industry, while offering key opportunities for policy and social learning. Click here to enjoy the video.


Master's Student Hannah Linder Explores Statistical Models for Change Detection in Environmental Monitoring Data

Hannah Linder is presently wrapping up her first year in the School of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources at the University of Washington. In the previous quarters she has assessed the current frameworks published for monitoring marine renewable energy (MRE) sites. She has identified a lack of a standardized approaches for choosing the best method of analysis for these environmental monitoring studies. The development of such standardized protocols will expedite the development process for marine renewable energy. Hannah’s thesis work will focus on establishing methods to compare statistical models used to detect change in environmental monitoring data. She hopes the approach she develops will be used for future MRE monitoring studies.  

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