Jeremy Flowers [NNMREC-affiliated graduate student at OSU] traveled to Tucumcari, New Mexico to conduct testing at the North American Wind Research and Training Center at Mesalands Community College. Working under the direction of NNMREC-Affiliated faculty Roberto Albertani, Jeremy tested individual components (vibrational sensors and visual cameras) and collected data that will be used to assist in the integration of these sensors into a complete system. The autonomous system being developed will remotely detect and record bird and bat interactions with offshore wind turbines.

Blake Boren [NNMREC-affiliated graduate student at OSU] traveled to Aalborg, Denmark in September 2013 to attend the 10th Annual European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference. Nearly 200 presenters, primarily from academia, shared information to 400 attendees on resource characterization, development and testing, hydrodynamics and structural mechanics, power take-off and device control, device and environmental modeling; as well as social, political and environmental impacts and aspects. Blake remarked, “The conference was not only a great asset in discovering what's new and happening in wave and tidal renewable energy research, but also a wonderful opportunity to make connections and spark collaborations among researchers.”  
In July 2013, Nick Stelzenmuller and Rob Cavagnaro (pictured) [NNMREC-affiliated graduate students at UW], students from UW traveled with NNMREC Co-Director Brian Polagye to the Bamfield Marine Science Center on Vancouver Island's west coast to test axial flow and cross flow turbine performance in the facility's large, high-speed flume.


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