INORE and ICOE 2014 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – October 31st through November 6th, 2014

By Adam Brown 

The International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE) held a symposium in Halifax, Nova Scotia this fall. The symposium was timed to coincide with the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) which was held from November 4-6th. The INORE symposia brings together graduate students and early stage researchers working in the field of offshore renewable energy, providing an incredible opportunity to build networks and make friends with individuals from across the globe. There were around 30 attendees at the Halifax Symposium from universities and institutions across the US and Europe. We even had the pleasure of welcoming a researcher from South Africa. The Universities of Maine and Washington were both well represented. It was also fun to catch up with former NNMREC graduate students Bret Bosma and Robert Cavagnaro who took some time out of their post-docs to attend the symposium. 

The event was organized by Justine McMillan from Dalhousie University and Thomas Kinsey who recently graduated from the Université Laval. Dalhousie University provided the facilities that made the symposium possible. As always, the symposium featured keynote speeches from our sponsors, attendee poster sessions, and social events. INORE introduced a collaborative “speed dating” session at the Halifax Symposium that attempted to pair people with similar interests and needs who may bring different expertise and resources to the table. The session was a fantastic success. At the symposia, we always make time for fun, and Halifax was no different; we attended a Halifax Mooseheads hockey game, went curling at the local curling club, and also went on a hike out to the tip of Cape Spit (pictured above), which overlooks the Bay of Fundy and the FORCE Tidal Test Site. The Bay of Fundy is one of, if not the strongest tidal energy resources in the world, with a tidal shift of over 50ft. Watching the tide ebb was truly an eye-opening experience!

Many of the INORE attendees (pictured left) also presented their posters at ICOE. This year, due to the proximity to FORCE, the conference was heavily focused on tidal energy. However, the talks and posters which focused on wave energy were first rate. ICOE is primarily an industry conference, and pairing INORE and ICOE gave our attendees the ability to develop both the academic and industry sides of their network, and for some the chance to job search. Several INORE members contributed to a panel at ICOE on the topic of collaboration. It was interesting to hear stories of collaboration, that in some cases wouldn't have happened without INORE, and then to translate the lessons learned through those experiences to ways in which the industry itself may better collaborate.

Both INORE and ICOE were fantastic successes. I, for one, am already looking forward to the next INORE symposium which will be held in Naples, Italy. Dates for the symposium will be announced soon!


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