Drs. Jim Thomson and Adam Brown [NNMREC-affiliated faculty at UW] were at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in December 2014, where they presented a paper on heave plate dynamics for wave energy converters (WECs). In January, Jim led a research cruise and will use some of the data on wave breaking from that cruise to get started on "extreme waves" work as part of NNMREC’s new research grant funded by the Department of Energy. In March, Jim presented on turbulence measurements at the Currents, Waves, and Turbulence Measurements workshop in St. Petersburg, FL.


Dr. Mitsuhiro Kawase [NNMREC-affiliated faculty at UW] met with Drs. Richard Willden (Oxford University), Kester Gunn and Clym Stock-Williams (E-On UK) in Oxford, UK; and separately with Dr. Zhaoqing Yang (PNNL) in Seattle, to initiate co-authoring a review paper on the state of the art in regional-scale ocean modelling for tidal energy applications. The paper will include a recommendation for local modelers on how to verify the fitness of the models to evaluate and quantify the extractable tidal resource, and to assess environmental and other consequences of tidal power extraction. An early version was presented as a talk at the ICOE 2014, and the paper is expected to be ready for submission Spring 2015.


Kaety Jacobson [NNMREC-affiliated faculty at OSU Extension Service] presented to the Marine Resource Management Orientation class about her job with Oregon Sea Grant and what it is like working in and with a commercial fishing community. Kaety touched on recent work with NNMREC and being a liaison between researchers and the fishing industry.


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