Listed below is NNMREC's Leadership & Support Team. Information on staff who are specific to the University of Washington can be found on the NNMREC-UW website. For information on affiliated faculty from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, please contact us.

  Name Position Phone Email

Brian Polagye

Director (UW) (206) 543-7544 Click to contact

Merrick Haller

Interim Co-Director (541) 737-9141

Jeremy Kasper

Co-Director (UAF) (907) 474-5694

Andy Stewart

Associate Director (UW) (206) 221-8015

Sarah Henkel

Environmental Research Director (541) 867-0316 Click to contact
Brenda Langley

Brenda Langley

Operations & Communications Manager (541) 737-4390 Click to contact
Landon Fox

Landon Fox

Student Communications Specialist (541) 737-5315 Click to contact