SETS will be a utility-scale test site and leading research facility, where studies will be conducted to answer questions about wave energy and its potential environmental, physical, social, and economic effects.

Permitting Status

Currently in the permitting and design phase, SETS is expected to be available for device testing in 2017. 

Device Accommodation

SETS will be PMEC’s grid-connected test facility available to developers for year-round testing of scaled and utility-scale arrays and individual wave energy converters (WECs) in a fully-energetic, open-ocean environment. SETS will be capable of accommodating individual converters or up to 20 WECs collectively generating a maximum of 20 MW.

Testing Capabilities

SETS will consist of four test berths, each equipped with a dedicated subsea cable capable of handling individual WECs or a small array of converters. Additionally, testing will allow WECs to be certified to IEEE and other international standards.

Location Notes

Located just over 6 nautical miles off the coast of Newport, Oregon in the Pacific Ocean, SETS will be an open-ocean test facility with full-scale wave resource. The facility will cover approximately 2 square nautical miles of ocean, with a depth range of 65 to 78 m.

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