TitleNNMREC Accomplishments and Impacts 2009-2013
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBatten BA, Polagye BL
InstitutionOregon State University. Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center

In 2008, the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind and Water Power Program issued a funding opportunity announcement to establish university-­‐led National Marine Renewable Energy Centers. Oregon State University and the University of Washington combined their capabilities in wave and tidal energy to establish the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, or NNMREC. NNMREC’s scope included research and testing in the following topic areas: • Advanced Wave Forecasting Technologies; • Device and Array Optimization; • Integrated and Standardized Test Facility Development; • Investigate the Compatibility of Marine Energy Technologies with Environment, Fisheries and other Marine Resources; • Increased Reliability and Survivability of Marine Energy Systems; • Collaboration/Optimization with Marine Renewable and Other Renewable Energy Resources. To support the last topic, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was brought onto the team, particularly to assist with testing protocols, grid integration, and testing instrumentation. NNMREC’s mission is to facilitate the development of marine energy technology, to inform regulatory and policy decisions, and to close key gaps in scientific understanding with a focus on student growth and development. In this, NNMREC achieves DOE’s goals and objectives, and remains aligned with the research and educational mission of universities. In 2012, DOE provided NNMREC an opportunity to propose an additional effort to begin work on a utility scale grid connected wave energy test facility. That project has been referred to as the Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC) and involves work directly toward establishing the facility, which will be in Newport Oregon, as well as supporting instrumentation for wave energy converter testing. This report contains an overview of significant accomplishments, current work and publications produced under each of these tasks, as well as lessons learned and NNMREC’s impact. Impact is being reported in terms of presentations given, graduated and current students, collaborations and patents.