Title2012 Annual Operations & Monitoring Report: North Energy Test Site
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHenkel SK, Haxel JH, Schultz A, Hofford A
InstitutionOregon State University. Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center

The first wave energy test at the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center’s (NNMREC) North Energy Test Site (NETS) off the coast of Newport, OR took place in 2012 with the deployment of the WET-NZ wave energy conversion (WEC) device and the Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy. The WET-NZ and Ocean Sentinel were deployed from late August to early October 2012; several monitoring surveys were performed at the test site prior to, during and after the deployment. The main body of this revised report (Section 2: Monitoring & Thresholds) includes a more thorough comparison of the monitoring results to the 2012 WET-NZ/ Ocean Sentinel AMP thresholds and AMF thresholds. Finally, general findings and considerations for potential modifications to adaptive mitigation and adaptive management provisions are provided in Section 4: Overall Conclusions & Recommendations. It is important to note that the considerations and recommendations in this report have been provided by NNMREC and do not constitute any changes to the Adaptive Management Framework.